11-17-2017 Ndovu Sasabasi

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The OneMic Show EPISODE XXXVII (17th November, 2017)

MEN IMPACT CHANGE | RAILA’s DC TRIP | KE/TZ GRAZING DISPUTE | EXPERT EYE-WITNESS | Is KE parenting-style benefiting American Boy Child?

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On the People’s Kamkunji that is The OneMic Show:

In PolTricks, Raila’s Homecoming turned tragic after chaos and confrontation with Police left 5 people dead and scores injured. The panel discussed what caused the chaos and who was to blame between the Police Service and NASA supporters?

The Panel also discussed the 2nd round of election petitions in the Supreme Courts with focus on the upcoming ruling on Monday 11-20-2017, and tried to make some educated predictions.

Still within Kenyan Politics, the panel talked about calls for secession and separation within the Nation. Is project Kenya falling apart, or is this a posturing strategy by NASA in preparation for future negotiations?

On the Southern Side of Africa the panel talked about the unfolding situation in Zimbabwe where the Military appeared to be midwifing a process that saw long serving President Robert Mugabe Transition out of power. What lessons can Kenya learn and where can it draw parallels?
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Sports with the CREW….
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Interview with Kenyan Artist from Houston Ndovu Sasabasi. Ndovu has been in the Industry since 2007 and released a number of hits including Piga Picha, Jiachilie and more recently Jolie ft. JRio from Gabon. Sasabasi has worked with some of the finest African Producers in the US including the likes of Waithaka Ent and Giggz. He talked about his musical Journey and experiences as a Kenyan Artist in the US
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HIT or MISS brought to you by ( LOOKING FOR A SPONSOR) with Cecil DJomoshfaya Otieno
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We recieved a very interesting QUESTION from our last show and this was it:
“Hi! I have an HMI from someone who doesn’t want her identity known. See below.

Following last week’s show which I tuned in to but did not listen to the whole segment chaired by your guest regarding raising boys I was hoping you guys can revisit the subject and help me and a couple of single sisters (and mothers) out here.
1. How should a mum handle the discussion of the absent dad if the child is a product of a sperm donor?
2. If the father of the child is around but does not want to be associated with the child by doing intimate things like going on fishing trip or soccer game, but wants to come around once in a while, should the female parent just cut the relationship for the sake of the child or just accept the little he is offering out of fear that the male parent will blame her in the future about lack of a relationship with the son?
3. For the girl child, the lack of a dad creates different issues compared to the male child. What would you say is the biggest issue for the boy child growing up without a dad? And how can the single parent anticipate and mitigate possible issues likely to arise from this situation?
4. What is the best way to handle a parent who has been away from the kid’s life but now wants to make peace and have a relationship? If you suspect the reason is because your son is successful, or the dad needs a kidney, is it okay to curse them out and call their bluff? Will this hurt the child?
5. How are you encouraging men to claim their children despite how they were conceived? Sperm donor, affair, one night stand,”

The Panel will also talked about a Kenyan from Ogembo in Kisii, Kevin, who appeared on popular daytime talk show Dr. Phil, and being accused of trying to steal a married white woman from her family but the question we posed was WHEN A WOMAN IS FED UP, CAN SHE UNFEDUPed ( NO SUCH WORD WE KNOW)

Music and entertainment courtesy of Dj Omosh Faya

GUEST:Ndovu Sasabasi

HOSTS: Ali Badawy, OneMic, Omosh Fayah | SPORTS : CREW | MUSIC : Omosh Fayah | PRODUCER: Bandio


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