April 29 2016 Pre-Weddings

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As for Pre-Weddingsand/or fundraisers, people are contributing upto $500 per month. Should we re-assess Pre-Weddings/Fundraisers today? What legitimately qualifies for a GoFundMe account?

In politiricks, we tackled the IEBC vs the people. Does the current commission need to be disbanded? Is it trusted to run an election and Kenyans accept the results? The discussion yielded some interesting point by the panel. We also made a comparison to the Federal Electoral Commission in the U.S

We discussed the burning of over $100 million dollars worth Ivory by the Kenyan government. The question posed “Will this help in stemming of the poaching of ivory in Kenya”?. In the same line, We re-visted an expose done by KTN on Ivory Poaching.

We also touched on the primaries, the Donald pulling the woman card, Hillary running with it,Ted selecting a VP….Musibanduke

In Sports, we debated on SportsPesa pulling out of sponsorship of AFC and GOR football clubs.

Not forgetting Jikoni Joe Sausages who are sponsoring The OneMic show Live Chat

HOSTS: OneMic, Ali, Omosh, Viola

GUESTs: Dan Nguyo, Ron Rope, Basement Dj

LOCATION: Kilimanjaro Studios

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2 comments on “April 29 2016 Pre-Weddings
  1. Good morning One Mic,
    I heard about your show through a dear friend of mine and for the longest time he has been asking me to tune in but I never really followed up. Recently he and I were talking about the issue of fundraisers and when you aired the show on this topic, he told me to make a point of listening. I have listened to a portion of it and hopefully I will finish it later, but I do have some things I would like to chime in, maybe they could be useful. I personally like to tackle issues from the root.

    You brought about justifying fund-raisers for medical issues and death. One problem that Kenyans have is not asking questions for a breakdown of funds. With health insurance there are many options, there is regular life insurance, short term disability, long term disability, Aflac and other supplemental insurance. If one gets to a point in the course of their medical treatment that they exhaust all options, (I understand privacy), but I also understand my pocket, then be transparent with how much you really need not how much you think people should give or rip off. The issue of transporting bodies home is quite sensitive, and the reason I say this is because, no matter how much we want adopt to the western world, there is sentimental attachment to our loved ones even after death. There are tribes in Kenya that let the body stay in the house the night before burial. But this does not justify a fund-raising, if this is what you want then you need to plan for this. Unfortunately we fear talking about death, but I have lost a number of loved ones to comfortably say that it is a reality and we need to be prepared.

    I recently learned of a major issue that some Kenyans are struggling with in the Diaspora, where there are people who have been living here for more than 15 years and do not have even SSN. This creates a problem where these people are not able to get jobs that provide health insurance, cannot get access to additional personal life insurance and being that they are not legal cannot get access to Obamacare. Earlier in the show you brought about religion, which don’t get me wrong I am strong believer in the Bible but, we have used religion for centuries as an excuse to get by. Most of these people who are in these situations tend to have the slogan, “God will provide”, well I don’t know what bible teaches foolishness because call a ‘spade a spade’, being in a situation like this for more than 10 years is disturbing. In addition the jobs that they are able to secure only provide paycheck to paycheck and so do not have savings. Now the problem that these people create as it relates to fund-raisers; they feel that the community should come together and help them. Some even try to use tradition to justify their stand, but the question and the challenge we need to pose to people like this is: what is your goal in life and why should I fundraise to cater and support you apathy, passivity and ignorance?

    The rich people issue, that is a no brainer, just don’t show up.

    • For weddings, to be honest I don’t understand why we still do pre-weddings, or committees. Although what i have come to realize there are many (in one mics words- Kubafs), lol haven’t heard that in years, that still feel that it is a communal obligation on both sides of the coin.

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