April 29 2016 Pre-Weddings

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As for Pre-Weddingsand/or fundraisers, people are contributing upto $500 per month. Should we re-assess Pre-Weddings/Fundraisers today? What legitimately qualifies for a GoFundMe account?

In politiricks, we tackled the IEBC vs the people. Does the current commission need to be disbanded? Is it trusted to run an election and Kenyans accept the results? The discussion yielded some interesting point by the panel. We also made a comparison to the Federal Electoral Commission in the U.S

We discussed the burning of over $100 million dollars worth Ivory by the Kenyan government. The question posed “Will this help in stemming of the poaching of ivory in Kenya”?. In the same line, We re-visted an expose done by KTN on Ivory Poaching.

We also touched on the primaries, the Donald pulling the woman card, Hillary running with it,Ted selecting a VP….Musibanduke

In Sports, we debated on SportsPesa pulling out of sponsorship of AFC and GOR football clubs.

Not forgetting Jikoni Joe Sausages who are sponsoring The OneMic show Live Chat

HOSTS: OneMic, Ali, Omosh, Viola

GUESTs: Dan Nguyo, Ron Rope, Basement Dj

LOCATION: Kilimanjaro Studios

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