December 1 2017 UK Inauguration

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The OneMic Show EPISODE XXXVIII (1st December, 2017)

Maasai Grill Showdown, Effect of Viral videos | UHURU SPEECH | LIBYA | HOUSE-HELP ABUSE | New dawn in Zimbabwe (Savannah & Hondo)

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On the People’s Kamkunji that is The OneMic Show:

In Kenyan Politics, the panel will reviewed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech and violence that led to the killing of a 7 yr. old Geoffrey Mutinda following confrontations between Police and NASA supporters. The panel will also spoke about the auctioning of Black Africans in Libya. (HOT!!!)
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Sports analyst Micah Och shared the latest on Rugby Sevens and World Cup 2018.
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HIT or MISS brought to you by ( LOOKING FOR A SPONSOR) with Cecil DJomoshfaya Otieno
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Socio Entertainment panelist Elka Fresha led a discussion regarding the abuse of underage House Helps in East Africa. She also spoke about the pros and cons of viral videos following a showdown that happened outside Maasai Grill in Dallas, TX.
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Following the soft revolution that unfolded in Zimbabwe leading to the ouster of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe faces a new but uncertain future. We spoke to Zimbabwean Herbert Ushewokunze and a Kenyan who lived in Zim, Savannah Kadima on the hopes and expectations.
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Music and entertainment courtesy of Dj Omosh Faya

GUEST: Herbert Ushewokunze from Zimbabwe and Savannah Kadima

HOSTS: Ali Badawy, OneMic, Omosh Fayah | SPORTS : MICAH | MUSIC : Omosh Fayah | PRODUCER: Bandio


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