Interview with Lara Akinsanya, Founder of Runway Moms For a Cause

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Lara Akinsanya Founder of Runway Moms For A Cause

Exclusive interview with Lara Akinsanya Founder of Runway Moms For A Cause on the upcoming event on the 20th of May where the proceeds will go to support CNN HERO Umra Omar’s Safari Doctors

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Lara Akinsanya is the founder of Runway For a Cause Foundation and the face behind internationally acclaimed ready-to-wear clothing brand L~Shandi Designs. Since her grand entrance to the global fashion scene, she has been featured on Fox, WUSA, Washington Post Express, and Lucky Magazine to name a few. As a philanthropic a mother of twins, volunteering is part of her life – she participates in various charity works within the community and it was only a matter of time before she began to use her successful fashion design platform to raise awareness on issues close to her heart.

“Give freely and generously; Give what you can with what you have; Giving is loving” – Lara Akinsanya

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