May 30 2014 SENDWAVE

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This show was brought to you by SENDWAVE, where you Send money to Kenya, with love. It is Instant, no fee transfers from your debit card to M-Pesa with the best rates.

In the PoliTricks section, We looked at the just concluded welcome bash for RAO, the Sonko/Shebesh drama, the MATHOGZ going on in the GOVERNMENT. In sports, discussed soccer, NBA,

The main event was Drew Durbin, founder of Send Wave, an app that allows you to send money from your debit card to an M-Pesa account in Kenya.

HOSTS: Ali, Micah, OneMic, Kosura

Guest: Drew Durbin of Send Wave
Guest: Sheilah Lumbasi Njalaleh

Deejay: Omosh Faya

LOCATION: Matchbox Studios


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