November 10 2017 Men Impact Change

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The OneMic Show EPISODE XXXVI (10th November, 2017)

MEN IMPACT CHANGE | RAILA’s DC TRIP | KE/TZ GRAZING DISPUTE | EXPERT EYE-WITNESS | Is KE parenting-style benefiting American Boy Child?

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On the People’s Kamkunji that is The OneMic Show:

In Politics, Raila Odinga’s trip to DC and his speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies was discussed. Politics Anchor Ali Badawy had an opportunity to ask him a question, and revealed what the NASA leader said.

In Kenya last week, Panel discussed the death of Nyeri Governor Dr. Wahome Gakuru following a tragic accident and confusion over his succession. Are the constitution and written laws clear on the process of Gubernatorial succession?

Panel also talked about the circus surrounding false eye-witness accounts regarding the Governor’s accident and a similar incident following Pilot Apollo Malowa’s Helicopter crush. Producer Mubelwa Bandio breaks down the process by which Journalists are required to verify information, before airing of a story.

Staying within East Africa, Panel further discussed continued frosty relations between Kenya and Tanzania, following a grazing dispute along the border that resulted in the auctioning of Kenyan Cattle by Tanzanian Authorities. What is the fate of East African Cooperation?
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Sports with Micah Och
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Interview with Men Impact Change (M.I.C) Founder Michael Mugo regarding the upcoming Gala night in Baltimore on Nov 18th when the organization will be honoring exceptional men. Mr Mugo also talked about the Mentorship work his organization has been involved in.
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HIT or MISS brought to you by ( LOOKING FOR A SPONSOR) with Cecil DJomoshfaya Otieno
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Socio-Entertainment Panelist leads a discussion on whether the Kenyan Parenting Style is of benefit to the American Boy Child?
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Music and entertainment courtesy of Dj Omosh Faya

GUEST:Michael Mugo of Men Impact Change

HOSTS: Ali Badawy, OneMic, Omosh Fayah, Elka Fletcher| SPORTS : Micah | MUSIC : DJ Bandit | PRODUCER: Bandio


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