November 3 2017 Africa Welfare Association II

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The OneMic Show EPISODE XXXVI (3rd November, 2017)

NY TERROR ATTACK | NRM ECONOMIC BOYCOTT | African Welfare Association | UHURU’s SPEECH | Drafting for Cuffing Season (Do’s and Don’ts)

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On the People’s Kamkunji that is The OneMic Show:

In US News, Panel reviewed the Deadly attack in New York that left 8 dead, and President Trump’s reaction calling for an end to the DV Lottery program. The Panel discussed Trump’s contrasting reaction compared to the Las Vegas attacks, and the fate of the Green Card program.

In Kenyan Politics, the panel analyzed President-Elect Uhuru’s victory speech and NASA’s call for an economic boycott of certain products. The Panel also talked about the Church’s suggestion of creating permanent positions for the official opposition. What way Forward for Kenya?
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At the sports desk with Micah, The Cowboys’ Jerry Jones, the Patriots’ Robert Kraft and the Texans’ Bob McNair will be deposed and will have to turn over all cellphone records and emails in relation to Collin Kaepernick’s collusion case. We discuss the impact this case will have on NFL.
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We had a followup Interview with African Welfare Association President, Mr. Lawrence Muraya. He talked about services AWA provides in the event of loss of life in the Diaspora and updated fee structures. Africa Welfare Association which is a pioneer provider of services to it’s Diaspora members in the event of LOSS OF LIFE. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN
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If you have any inquiries, you can send an email to or call +1 202-999-9175

HIT or MISS brought to you by ( LOOKING FOR A SPONSOR) with Cecil DJomoshfaya Otieno
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In the entertainment segment the panel with input from listeners discusses the Do’s and Don’ts for drafting a mate for Cuffing season.
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Music and entertainment courtesy of Dj Omosh Faya

HOSTS: Ali Badawy, OneMic, Omosh Fayah, Elka Fletcher| SPORTS : Micah | MUSIC : DJ Cecil | PRODUCER: Bandio


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