November 4 2016 Sperm Bank

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This past Friday, The People’s Kamkunji on The OneMic Show was again FUN.


So Comey finally came out and said that there was nothing NEW about the emails found on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner. Did it affect the campaign

ODM sent letters of expulsion to members who had joined Jubilee. Is there Party discipline in general?

The Josphine Kabura Files. The Anne ‘Waikulu’Waiguru grilling. INTERESTING

Cyrill Owambo did not have any CREDIT for calling….. NKT to update us on what is percolating on the ground in 254

Not Forgetting the sports desk was vibrant and kicking with Micah

We had Music courtesy of Dj Omosh Fayah.

HOSTS: OneMic, Bandio, Viola, Ali, Micah, Omosh

LOCATION: Kilimanjaro Studios

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You donate your kidney to your boyfriend/girlfriend then he/she is not IN LOVE anymore. What about donating SPERM…..CLICK HERE to listen.

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