October 27 2017 Repeat Election

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The OneMic Show EPISODE XXXV (27TH October, 2017)


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On the People’s Kamkunji that is The OneMic Show:

The Panel reviewed Kenyan Politics after NASA’s call to Boycott the rerun of Presidential Elections. Polls were suspended indefinitely by IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati in all Luo Nyanza Counties, and violence rocked some Nairobi’s slum areas. Did the Elections meet expectations set by the Supreme Court?

Prior to Low Voter Turn-out experienced on Election Day, NASA leader announced the transformation of the Coalition to a Resistance Movement while Deputy CJ’s body-guard was shot in a separate incident leading to a lack of Quorum in the Supreme Court. What direction is Kenya heading from here?

The Panel also discussed the role of EU/American Diplomats and Election Monitors following the Joint announcement made by Ambassador Godec earlier in the week urging Kenyans to vote. The panel analyzed if their role had become diminished following the bangled Aug 8th Election that they prematurely endorsed.

Rumors of Police facilitating passage for criminal gangs across some neighborhoods in the city was also be discussed. How well has the Inspector General of Police fared, in this volatile election period.
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The crew addressed recent leaked comments by the Houston Texans owner Mcnair where he said NFL can’t have ‘inmates running the prison’
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In the Social Segment, our Socio-Entertainment panelist Elka Fletcher led a conversation on Rape Culture following revelations of multiple cases of abuse by Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein. The panel talked about Rape within the Kenyan community and why bad practices carry over from back home. The panel also discussed the Policing of women’s Dress code, and why the burden of proof remains on the female. Has society failed to protect our women?
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Music and entertainment courtesy of Dj Omosh Faya

HOSTS: Ali Badawy, OneMic, Omosh Fayah, Erica Fresha| SPORTS : Micah | MUSIC : DJ Cecil | PRODUCER: Bandio


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